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This tiny balcony on the ground floor had a lovely view of the garden in the front but the drain pipes on the two sides were unsightly. The client was looking for a little space to unwind from the stresses of the household and a place where the family could unwind and enjoy the view of the garden.

Our first order of business was to make the view on both sides of the balcony beautiful and so we built our version of the green wall which was a railing to ceiling wooden frame on which we placed row after row of wall planters. Next change was the flooring, we overlayed the plain cream tiles with a warm looking wood tile. The view towards the other apratments was interuptted by a row of baskets with hanging plants. And for the finishing touches we included a colourful charpoy bench, a scultpure we found during our travels, a tall ficus plant and borrowed an equally colourful stool from the client to complete the makeover.

Balcony, Orchid Petals

Location: Gurgaon