Starting @ Rs 50,000


We create living spaces,  we love design, we are modern, we think outside the box, we are intrigued by unusual things, we take each job as personal endeavour, we have fun with design.

Based in Gurgaon, Balcony Makeovers has been founded by Mahima. She values high quality, clean lines and flawless execution. Mahima personally oversees the design of every project from start to finish;  she will be there working on your project every step of the way, from the initial design to the day of installation, making sure every detail meets her high standards.

Hi There, I'm Mahima Richard Thomas Pinto (aka. "Mahi").

Welcome to my world! Don't be shy. Come on in.. This is my happy place. I will share my life, creativity, as well as my quirky sense of design ideas with you. So, grab yourself a tall glass of ice tea and let me introduce you to me and my world.

I am a small town girl who somehow adapted herself to the big city lifestyle. Balcony makeovers is my 2nd career. Worked in the big, not so bad corporate world for 18 years and decided to give it up all for my dream venture. When I'm not thinking about running Balcony Makeovers, you can find me playing with my cockatiel, Dingo, having a conversation with my plants (yes, they are living too), making travel plans to satisfy my vagabond soul, and maybe reading a book. 

I married late in life... My husband David and I met on an online dating site. He is both, my partner in crime and my partner in design. More often than not I drag him into the business conversations. I can’t sit still, even when I’m sick I’m doing something. I rarely watch tv, but when I do it’ll likely be one of the following shows or channels: Friends, The Big Bang Theory, Nat geo or BBC world. Lebanese food and Galoutis are my favourite go-to-foods. My favorite phrase is an Italian phrase, la dolce far niente .. which means the sweetness of doing nothing And my favourite quote : Some women want diamonds...., others just want a hammock, a camp fire and some peace and quiet. I plan to live in a forest when I retire. Thankfully my husband is from Kerala and that makes it a bit easy for me to hunt down a place

Balcony makeovers is my dream project, it's a Passion with a Purpose. I dream to give every home the balcony (read: outdoor space) of their dreams. I want to help people be able to resonate with their outdoor space and connect with self and nature at a deeper level. From discovering their personal style to creating an outdoor space they have been lusting after, I want to make sure that their space isn’t just aesthetically pleasing, but also a reflection of them. I work with trained architects and specialist craftspeople to help bring my designs to life.

My overall goal is to motivate the dreamers, encourage the doubtful and inspire the creative souls.